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Kodama bot

what's is Kodama bot?
The Fastest Telegram & Discord Trading Bot ,you can make commands through a simple social window (kodama bot in telegram & discord) to exchange EVM crypto on Uniswap, Pancakswap and so on. Experience seamless and lightning-fast trading on the go with our free-to-use kodama bot.
6x Faster Than Trading on Uniswap
social tradebot
Limit Orders, buy low, sell high. Execute your strategy with precision.
Get alerts on newly created tokens on Ethereum in real-time with our scanner.Integrated
with our bot, you can easily add tokens and snipe them with the click of a button.
Exchange fee
Each transaction is charged a handling fee of 1/100 and a gas fee of 0.005ETH.
Referral Rewards
Holders can generate a referral code to access additional benefits. The referrer receives 20% of transaction fees from users of the link and a 20% discount off their transaction fees. Must hold 500,000 $YAMA tokens to be eligible.