YamaInu Coin


Strong YAMA Holding Rewards
First, Holders can generate a referral code to access additional benefits. The referrer receives 20% of transaction fees from users of the link and a 20% discount off their transaction fees. Must hold 500,000 $YAMA tokens plain text to be eligible.
Second, Holding 1 Million $YAMA will get the right to claim 50% of the kodama bot transaction fee buyback DAILY.
YAMA Buyback and Burn
100% of the Kodama bot transaction fee and ALL ETH gas fee income will be used to buyback $YAMA DAILY
50% of the #YAMA will be burned into blackhole address
50% of the #YAMA will be distributed to strong 1 Million $YAMA holders
Dao Governance
Holding 10 million $YAMA has the right to propose, holding 1 million $YAMA has the right to vote.
Last modified 5mo ago